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Ferrari's Shocking New Addition

Formula 1 has kicked off its 2024 preseason, colloquially known as “silly season,” with an especially interesting series of announcements due to 14 of the 20 drivers having contracts that expire in 2025. While some announcements like the change of Alfa Romeo Sauber to Stake Sauber or the rejection of Andretti Cadillac as the 11th team were shocking, none compared to the bombshell of Lewis Hamilton’s decision to move to Scuderia Ferrari in the 2024 season.

Coming just a few days after Charles Leclerc’s multi-year contract renewal where Ferrari stated that they would prioritize Leclerc as the lead driver and adapt the car to his preferences, Hamilton’s announcement of a 2+1 contract (two years and one more with terms to be renegotiated) left everyone unsure as to where things stood. As the lead driver and Mercedes’ golden child for 11 years, Hamilton’s decision seemed to have no basis as both Mercedes and the Scuderia remain on equal playing fields in recent seasons compared to the extremely dominant Red Bull. This led to speculations of his retirement and him wanting to go for one last dance in the legendary team before retiring. On the other hand, others still think that Hamilton has just run out of patience with Mercedes unable to provide him a competitive car and moved to Ferrari for the missing pace he lacks.

This new partnership is clearly not one-sided however, especially in light of claims that Ferrari’s CEO John Elkann is offering Hamilton a whopping $100 million contract comprised of salary, sponsors, image rights, bonuses, and more. Part of the contract is to be put into all of Hamilton’s social initiatives, the Briton a staunch supporter of diversity and inclusion. Not only will Hamilton’s fanbase and endorsements be of huge financial bonus to Ferrari, but his notable involvement in fashion will help Ferrari get the break that they need into the industry to launch a luxury fashion brand.

Those in Maranello that remain loyal tifosi (fans of Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1) to Leclerc that are worried that Leclerc will be snubbed by his team once again should not fear. Just like in his 2019 debut at Ferrari with teammate Sebastian Vettel, the four-time world champion, he has remained competitive and has faced his teammate head-on, gaining experience and maneuvers as opposed to being pushed to the sidelines. Analysts are confident that Hamilton, with his seven championship titles, will be able to teach Leclerc plenty. While this partnership will definitely create many interesting battles, one thing is for sure: Scuderia Ferrari is working towards becoming the top team again.


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